The American dream of owning a home is just months away for six Perry County Residents through “PERRY COUNTY SELF HELP HOUSING PROGRAM.” Perry County, Alabama is doing something many Black Belt Alabama counties only dream about and that is helping residents become home owners. During national Home Owners Month, six families joined Commissioner Albert Turner, Congresswoman Terri Sewell, USDA Alabama State Director Ron Davis and Black Belt Regional Director Nivory Gordon in a ground-breaking ceremony in Marion. The six families who will now be residents of District One of Perry County and who will join eight other families in owning a new home for the very first time.

Commissioner Turner a big supporter of the home owners program was delighted to welcome the families into his district. A total of twenty new homes will be built in Perry County with square footage ranging from 1500 to 2500 square feet. This program is part of the housing program under USDA. The relationship between Commissioner Turner and USDA has netted Perry County more than twenty-five million dollars under the Obama Administration. Commissioner Turner has been supportive of the Self-Helping Housing program from its inception and of its executive director Mrs. Francis Ford. Commissioner Turner gave a mandate to create wealth through home ownership, and the program is baring fruit.

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