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Perry County Alabama district one is represented by Commissioner Albert Turner, Jr. The district is 235 square miles of Perry County’s 724 square miles. The district reaches from East Perry County across the city of Marion into West Perry County. The total population of the district is 2,427 residents. The total racial breakdown of district one is as follows: Caucasian 376, African American 2, 037, and others 20. The registered voters in the district consist of 2,045 voters of which 820 African American males, 977 African American females, 127 Caucasian males, and 121 Caucasian females. District One registered voter racial breakdown is 87% African American, 12.9% Caucasian, and .01% other.

In the boundary of District One, you will find the Perry County Highway Department, Francis Marion High School, Albert Turner Sr. Elementary School, historic Lincoln Normal High School, the birth place of Alabama State University, and many more historic landmarks. The district has 93% of all public roads paved, 97% of the district has access to the public water system and currently after the completion of a 3 million dollar stimulus grant for water expansion 99% of the district will have access to public water.

There have been several projects that have been completed during the terms of Commissioner Turner in the district. The striping of the Reynolds Chapel Road, the 3 million dollar water expansion project, new road signs, construction of two new bridges, 35 miles of resurface roads, 1.5 million dollars of new road equipment, are just a few of the accomplishments of Commissioner Turner in District One.

There are several projects for the district that are on the horizon for District One and Perry County. Those projects are the renovations of the main courthouse, two community shelter/community centers, new road construction, a new hotel to name just a few of the projects that are in the making